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My Story


So, I was a girl that was never really interested in sewing or crafting. My MOM, however, was always crafting. Growing up she made our costumes, things you use around the house, blankets, and sometimes even our clothes. Even though I watched her work at her sewing machine at least once a week, it just never took for me. Then I had kids! 

I went over to my Mom’s house because my oldest daughter was turning 3 and I wanted to make a shirt for her. You know-GET ALL CRAFTY (or watch while my MOM did it). My Mom was sewing a ruffle she planned on sewing to the bottom of the shirt and as she finished she handed it to me to turn right side out, along with the wand that you use to open and close blinds. When I turned the fabric right side out it covered the wand and it hit me!! “Mom!! Look how cute this is (the wand covered in a cute fabric)” she was just like-“Yea-it is cute”. I said, “No MOM, it is so cute!! I would totally buy these to decorate my blinds!! A decorative wand. Maybe we could sell them!!”

I then went to my husband-the ever skeptical engineer that he is-couldn’t grasp what in the world I was talking about, so I had to make one to show him. My MOM brought me over a sewing machine (one she got for $100 10 years prior) and I sewed one up! I showed my husband and he said-“Oh and look, we can make an attachment to decorate this part.” talking about the valance of the blinds. He goes out to the garage and I sit down at the sewing machine and we worked to bring our idea to life!! It took us some time, but here we are! 

Now that Blind Attire is in full operation I realize this is not just an accident, this is something that was growing inside of me before I even knew or recognized it. My GRANDMOTHER owned and ran a fabric store when I was a child, I learned to use tools by holding screws for my DAD while he fixed things, my AUNT taught me to make things beautiful—she is gifted in the art of design—my BEST FRIEND stands beside me in support at every trade show and event we attend, my HUSBAND shows me support and believes in me and our company (and he isn’t too bad to look at), my SISTER is always there with her creative mind when I need her, and last but not least, my MOM who gave me my first sewing machine and has been by my side helping me tweak and perfect our products and technique. But don’t let me forget whose ultimate plan this was: Thank you LORD for everyone you have put in my path, every door you have opened, every dream you have fulfilled, and every challenge we have faced and overcome.